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Society teaches me to be linear, but the moon reminds me I am cyclical

~ Hera Morgen ~

Perfect coordination between
you and the lunar cycle

Anaïta is a tribe of moon women. The moon has a major influence on your hormone balance and how you feel. Our lessons are tailored to that. So that you move optimally in every moon phase. In perfect harmony.

Wij zijn Anaita

Our studio is a center where we bring movement, spirituality and art together. We provide a platform for women to share their gift with others. We are a non-profit foundation. We focus on the exchange and mutual intentions of women.


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The heart of Haarlem

We are located in the Burgwal. The alternative, artistic heart of Haarlem. We are best reached by bicycle. Are you coming by car? Parking is easy in the surrounding streets or in De Appelaar parking garage.


goddess - inspiration - strength

Anaïta is an ancient goddess of Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq and Syria). She is the goddess of fertility and was associated with the moon with all her mysticism. We honor her strength and want to respond to her desire to let the feminine energy flow again on Earth.

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    Foundation Anaïta

    Phone: 06-45147086
    Email: info@anaita.nl

    Website: www.anaita.nl

    Chamber of Commerce: 77618513
    VAT: 861067289
    IBAN: NL94 INGB 0006 4782 19


    Hagestraat 13

    2011 CT Haarlem