The Ankh healing works on all the different energetic bodies of the human being, because all your energetic bodies are included in your blueprint.

During the healing my spiritual guides give us information about the possible blockages that need to be removed. They can be caused by past lives, traumas or traits in the DNA. Every healing is different and tailored to your necessities.

Effects of this healing:

  • Reduce and/or remove unwanted patterns
  • Remove deep-rooted Karma if it no longer serves a purpose
  • Let abundance flow through the stagnation in life
  • Eliminate physical and emotional overload of the body
  • Neutralize physical and emotional pain symptoms
  • Bringing out soul energy/spiritual energy
An Ankh Healing is fun for yourself or to give as a gift to a friend. Book an Ankh Healing using the form below. Hopefully see you soon!