It is a one-time treatment appropriate for children and adults. Particularly suitable if there is a lack of focus, an inability to cope with emotions, or if you suffer from unexplained gloom. A successful Soul Click ensures a stable baby, children, and adult that can process stimuli well and takes in the world at a pleasant pace.
The Soul Click is the moment just before and during birth, when the Soul connects to the earthly body of the born baby. The Soul is already in the vicinity of the still unborn child, but the actual link between the two is (also) made during birth.
Children and adults where the soul click has not or not fully taken place can often be recognized in certain behavior like:
– Social isolation
– Difficulty forming relationships and friendships
– (Much) troubled by gloom for no apparent reason
– A developmental delay in motor skills and emotions
– The feeling of not feeling well
– The feeling of missing something
– Not being able to get to your feeling
– Difficulty in dealing with emotions (of oneself and/or of others).
– General lack of focus

A Soul Click Healing is nice for yourself or to give as a gift to a friend. Book a Soul Click Healing using the form below. Hopefully see you soon!