This is an ancient Mayan technique that Gladys learned from a long, unbroken line of 'Curanderas'. This is a powerful technique that also affects the family members in your bloodline.

Our DNA determines not only our physical appearance, but also our emotions and patterns. Much of our thinking and beliefs about ourselves are shaped by observing and adopting family behavior. It is also deeply rooted in our DNA.

Effects of this DNA Clearing:

  • Remove physical, mental, emotional and spiritual patterns such as poverty, lack of money, fear, blockages and much more
  • Engels It activates the gifts that are present in our DNA line
  • Learn which 2 strands of DNA are strongest in you and what they mean
  • Discover your soul lessons and your soul purpose in this life
An DNA Clearing Session is fun for yourself or to give as a gift to a friend. Book an DNA Clearing Session using the form below. Hopefully see you soon!