Gladys (Belly Dancer Amira) and Aya provide the belly dance lessons at Anaïta. We have three levels. First we get to work with the basics. You learn to control your body. You also learn basic movements, common Arabic rhythms and we train your muscles for floor work. The folklore that will be discussed is saidi and we use the attributes saidi stick and veil.

During level 2 you use everything from the 1st level and you start by applying several layers in the belly dance. Also start with a choreo and learn to recognize specific rhythms. The folklore in level 2 is khaliye and the attributes are khaliye dress and zaggats (finger cymbals).

In level 3 you use everything from levels 1 and 2. The choreos become more challenging and your own creative process starts. After the belly dance class you will receive homework and learn the underlying stories and ideas of the music we dance to. The folklore in level 3 is zaffa and eskandarani. The attributes are the candlestick (Shamadan), isis wings and zaggats.