Anaïta is een tribe met maanvrouwen. De maan heeft grote invloed op je hormoonhuishouding en hoe je je voelt. Daar zijn onze yogalessen op afgestemd. Zodat je in elke maanfase optimaal beweegt. In perfecte harmonie.

Anaïta believes in feminine connection, no overcrowded yoga rooms and personal attention. After the yoga class, the tea is ready for you.

Our classes

Vinyasa flow yoga strengthens your body, opens your heart and calms your head.
The lessons are tailored to the moon phases and the astrological season, so that you move optimally in every phase. In perfect harmony.

Yin yoga is a slow form of yoga for calm postures, and the asanas are held for extended periods of time; three to five minutes. In this way, the connective tissue is slowly stretched and hydrated and the joints remain flexible. This creates space in the connective tissue and joints.